Erwin Van Waeleghem (°Bruges – Belgium, 06/14/1960)


Erwin wears several hats at the same time.  Professionally he holds the role of police commissioner/criminologist within the local police force of Leuven (Belgium). Outside this quite rigid and very hierarchical institution, he is very passionate about what he calls his ‘jobby’s’. With these external roles as international speaker, inspirational steward and instigator of several initiatives, he aims -as global seedplanter/tealspirator- to inspire as many people and organizations possible, to make them at least think about possibly reinventing their work-collaborations in a more human-centric way.  Due to his work and percistance externally, since 2015 he has now been supported to bring the teal-principles inside his own professional organization.

Erwin as a Global Seedplanter for the Semco- and Teal-principles

Erwin has a strong belief in the leadership potential of every person. This is based on his conviction that we all hold essential human values and naturally strive to find a strong balance between intuition and rational common sense.

In 2013, after having watched a Dutch documentary on this subject, and reading the books mentioned, this belief was strengthened and he started giving presentations and workshops on the evolution, principles and possibilities that Ricardo Semler created in his company Semco (Brasil), since the 1980’s.  In doing this Erwin decided to become one of Belgium’s first ‘Semco-style’ seedplanters.

After having read the book ‘Reinventing Organizations’, written in 2014, by his compatriot, Fréderic Laloux, he found a broader base and more collective language that could be used to share the more humane principles behind ‘Teal’, which could also be found in Semco, and thus it could help other people to bring these principles inside organizations in any sector.

Next to Laloux’ book he also uses similar principles mentioned in other basic management literature such as ‘Freedom,Inc’ (Isaac Getz – Brian Carney), ‘Up the organisation’ (Robert Townsend), ‘More than a motorcycle’ (Rich Teerlink), ‘It’s your ship’ (Mike Abrasshof), ‘Turn the ship around’ (David Marquet), ‘Unboss’ (Lars Kolind), and of course ‘Maverick’ and ‘The seven day weekend’ (Ricardo Semler) amongst lots of other books and video’s.

After meeting Philippine Lynn (one of the initial co-founders) Erwin initiated and facilitated the startup of the very vibrant and active Teal for Teal community in Belgium, since October 2015.  In a very short time 5 regional groups were set up in his country, making it the biggest national community within the international community at this moment in time.  

Erwin now gives lectures and presentations internationally, on the Semcostyle and Teal principles, and organizes international introduction sessions on the Teal for Teal community in his role as international inspirational steward.  Next to Semco, he uses a large number of wonderful and successful examples in his presentations, which authentically inspires a lot of people. 

In his role of international inspirational steward for the International Teal for Teal Foundation he also travels to other countries, to either support existing Teal for Teal groups, or help other Teal-inspired community instigators to set up new meeting groups.

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