Erwin Van Waeleghem (°Bruges, Belgium – 1960) currently lives in Belgium.


In the past he has worn several hats at the same time.  Professionally he was a member of the Belgian police force for over 36 years.

The last 17 years he held the role of police commissioner/criminologist within several local police forces.

His last function as commissioner/department head was in the Local police of Leuven.  In this role, together with his team, he received the chance to evolve towards a self-managing team, learning and creating experience on the ups-and-downs of this kind of transformation. It became his biggest learning curve personally and professionally.

The last 6 years he has – next to his professional life – also been very involved in initiatives outside the police institution.

He passionately was co-creator in a great number of initiatives around more human centric organization cultures, as Semco-style and Teal-inspirator.

In July 2017 he chose to become a fully self employed international speaker, workshop-facilitator and external culture change guide and advisor inside organizations.

His personal purpose is to contribute towards the consciousness evolution which can lead to a more human centric self-leadership mindset.

Service Offers

1) As an international inspirational speaker and guest lecturer for more human centric co-creative working principles:

As a seedplanter, he aims to inspire as many (young) people and organizations as possible, to trigger them to at least think about reinventing and reshaping their work-collaborations in a more human-centric way, as a basic organizational culture.

He introduces the principles of participative and inspiring leadership, Teal, Semco style, and other more human centric paradigms and frameworks. In his presentations he also includes ‘sense and response practices’ and successful examples (either live or on video).

He talks about a different – more positive – approach towards solutions for ‘sign of the times’-problems (such as burn- and bore-out, stress related mental issues, less commitment and engagement, high turn-over, loss of high potentials, higher sick leave, bullying and lack of (self-)leadership), about evolutions in HR and R&D insights.

His insights are, next to his own experiences, based on the ideas and testimonials of


Erwin is available as speaker and guest lecturer for conferences, seminars, teambuildings, colloquia, and other (also inhouse) events on:

  • leadership;
  • personal and organizational development;
  • management and cultural transformation;
  • and other linked items…


2) As a workshop facilitator:

Alone or in co-creation with international colleagues, Erwin organizes and facilitates high quality, interactive – up to 4 day – workshops, which give in depth insights in everything that is needed to evolve towards a more participative liberated network organization.

In these workshops you will learn how to move away from hierarchical command and control based micro-management, and how and what to do to evolve towards more human centricity and participation.

The people he works with are highly recommended business advisors and thought leaders.

These workshops can be organized externally or inhouse.


3) As an inhouse cultural transformation guide:

In this role Erwin provides inhouse advice for top-management as an overviewer/coordinator for transformation trajects in co-creation with niche coaches and trainers.

After a first phase of analyzing:

  • different levels perceptions;
  • interpretations on internal communication;
  • needs within;
  • current position of the organization as a whole


Erwin makes suggestions where evolution in culture can be offered best.

In co-creation with high quality ‘niche’ coaches, trainers and consultants, Erwin provides the necessary solutions and learning moment.

This will result in a higher standard of

  • an overall more values based and cooperative culture;
  • engagement;
  • commitment;
  • productivity;
  • responsible autonomy;
  • intrinsic ambassadorship
  • co-ownership;
  • organizational pride;
  • inspiring (self)leadership at every level;
  • etc.


As a long term result this kind of culture transformation will have more sustainability and solid consistent growth and therefore will need a long term vision from the organization.

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