Who is the tealspirator?

Erwin Van Waeleghem is a Social Innovator and Global Seedplanter.

He works as a freelance international speaker, workshop-facilitator and external culture transformation guide inside organizations, introducing and deepening the principles and ideas of participatory and inspiring leadership which can also be found in the Semco-style Framework and the Teal paradigm.

In these roles he aims at inspiring, informing and guiding people and their organizations all over the world to rethink their way of old-school collaborating and evolve towards more human-centricity, values based co-creation and participation.

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Discover the change teal can make for your organisation

Teal principles

TRUST Is like Love. Both parties need to feel it before it can exist.

RESPECT Give it to get it. Treat your co-workers like you want to be treated yourself.

EQUIVALENCE We are not equal, yet we surely are of equal value.

RESPONSIBILITY Means you are able to self-manage and add value to teamwork.

BENEVOLENCE The basic attitude of positive willingness to do good for yourself and others.

HIGHER PURPOSE People will not follow you because of what you do, but why you do it.

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